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The Pharma Pricing and Reimbursement Outlook

From: Business Insights


This report analyzes successful pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement strategies. As well as providing a detailed review of market-specific trends and issues, the report also focuses on the pricing and reimbursement process. It discusses effective pricing and reimbursement planning, and how the global view determines price and market access for new and in-market drugs. rbhc0245


  • Identify the key drivers of change impacting on pharma pricing to fully appreciate the importance of effective pricing and market access strategies.
  • Understand the different pricing and reimbursement systems operating across the 7 major markets (US, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK).
  • Evaluate current trends to identify future pricing and reimbursement opportunities and challenges across the three major markets (US, Japan, EU5).
  • Identify market opportunities for new and existing drugs using our review of pricing and reimbursement trends in the 4 key high growth markets (BRIC).
  • Successfully formulate and implement global pricing strategies in order to deliver local optimization and global coordination.


Risk sharing agreements will continue to provide market access for high-priced innovative therapies in the UK and Italy, while used more sparingly in France and Germany. Decentralization in Italy and Spain will continue to create a complex set of regional cost containment measures that compromise market access strategies for new and marketed drugs.

Out-of-pocket expenditure is the predominant healthcare payment model in high growth emerging pharma markets such as BRIC economies, which typically have strong local generics producers and weak patent law. While initiatives to broaden healthcare insurance coverage will mean expanded access for drugs, this comes at the cost of more intervention.

Germany and the UK do not use a formalized external reference price system. But they act as benchmark countries for other major European markets, increasing the importance of price setting in these markets. The recent devaluation of the UK currency has seen the UK market switch from a major destination to a source market for parallel exports.

Reasons to purchase

  • What are the major drivers of change for pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement and what is the impact of proposed health care reforms in the US?
  • How will decentralized healthcare reforms in Spain and Italy translate into the need for a regional pricing and market access strategy for Europe?
  • What are the likely future developments in pricing in the major pharma markets (including the US, Japan and Europe)?
  • How will pricing and reimbursement trends in key high growth markets (Brazil, Russia, India, China) effect opportunities in these emerging markets)?
  • What can be done to maximise returns through applying global pricing strategies across the drug lifecycle?



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